Would you like to see my Studio?

Hello my friends, how are you?

Now February is here, I want to show you my studio space!

Of late, there is a lot of distress, turmoil, and (needed) protests around the World. How can one man, in the first weeks of his presidency, create so much chaos?

Today, I wanted to show you the place where I create my illustrations and the place that brought me calm, and tranquillity. I hope it does for you too.

IMG_5151.JPGIt’s a desk space *technically* in the dining room, and made it into a relaxed and creative workspace. From an unused dining room to a makeshift workspace and dining area – it doesn’t look too shabby. Does it?

You might recognise a few things if you watch my Instagram stories or live videos. Some artworks here, are my originals from my Inktober challenge on Instagram and World Dance series.

This is where I spend most of my days and nights at. Yes, that is a working wall clock! The postcards on the walls change from time to time, depending on my mood. I really like the muted pastels composed with the vibrant colours at the moment.

junesees-work-studio-deskpace-1-001Like any workspace, I have a sense of routine here – I have my notepads to doodle my ideas or brain-dump my thoughts. The wall is also a dry-erase whiteboard too! So I can write any important notes or dates down.

To be honest, my desk is a lot messier than this! I’ll put my sketches, works-in-progress up, current projects on the wall.

Making the decision to give up the shared studio and work from home, I can now say that working from home is the best thing for me. I hope this inspired you to work from home or create your own little studio space.

Thanks to Chloe Pierre LDN for featuring me on her blog post.

Where do you do your creative projects?
Do you work from home or in a shared studio?

I would love to know and see where you work 🙂


Stuck for ideas? Have yourself a London Graphic​ Creative Christmas

Hello, my friends and readers!
This year has been crazy, my brand new website and blog has not been completed. The reason why there has been a lack of posts.

junesees.comDelays in updating my website and my blog post so many apologies about this. I am a one woman show, thank you for your patience!

Christmas is coming far too quickly! I found out from my friends, that they find gift buying or gift wrapping Christmas presents a bit of a chore. With everything instantaneous, it’s hard to get that perfect and thoughtful gift for someone.

As a lover of art shops in general, London Graphic Centre invited me to their Christmas ‘Wrap’ battle (geddit??) to experience the joy of a creative arty Christmas.

I used my iPhone for the photos, so apologies for the quality!

We were presented with *secret* gifts to wrap, for the London Graphic Centre blog as a special giveaway.

Of course, we had a time limit. Felt like I was on The Apprentice for a bit. With lots of lovely gift wrap paper, colour and metallic markers, washi tapes, we were spoilt for choice and ideas. Normally at home, we have leftover wrapping paper from billion years ago saved up. This was an upgrade!

Acceptable nudity on a gift wrap paper 🙈

With time running out, too many ideas – myself and Hubby went with the flow of creative panic and created this…. And surprisingly, we won the title of the ‘Best wrappers in London.” 😂  You can see us holding our ‘trophy.’


Hubby and I won the London Graphic Centre Wrap Battle! With our unusual wrapping presents skills.

London Graphic Centre will be having its Christmas Fair on Saturday 10th December 2016, that will be tomorrow! If you’re around in Covent Garden, pop into the store. This is a haven of art, craft stationery supplies. Good idea for your Christmas presents and stocking fillers 🙂

There’s lots of in store workshops including notebook embossing by Leuchtturm, a gift wrap station and plenty of unique and fun gifts.

Leuchtturm notebook Embossing – Personalise your gifts with free embossing when you buy any A5 Leuchtturm notebook.

‘Build-your-own’ pop-up keyring workshop hosted by Freitag.

POSCA illustration wall – Interact and doodle on our glass wall with Posca pens.

Gift wrap station – Supported by MT Masking. Test out fresh gift wrapping concepts with a selection of tapes.

Calligraphy – Get great gift label ideas at our calligraphy demo.

Also London Graphic Centre will be giving away goody bags with every purchase over £25 on the day.

These super bags include a host of freebies such as a Pigma Micron fineliner, Mt Washi Tape, Graphik Line Marker, and much more. I couldn’t wait to test these products myself, even when I should be sleeping. Here are the results below:

Trying out the fineliners pens from different brands


I hope this wets your appetite for a Creative Christmas! Personalise your gifts. Wrap your presents in washi tape, or doing an odd architectural wrapping like me and Hubby did…  Remember its the thought that counts 😉

Thank you to the London Graphic Centre for having us!

Our team effort of gift wrapping – we are the ‘Best Wrappers in London’

Gorgeous calligraphy skills by Alex Rayment


London Graphic Centre Christmas Fair

Tomorrow! Saturday 10th December, 10.30am – 6.30pm

16-18 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JL

Nearest Tube Station: Covent Garden or Leiceister Square (10 mins walk)