Welcome Back “Great British Bake Off” – How I’ve missed you.

June_Sees_illustration_Web_cakeHello my friends!

Did you watch the “Great British Bake Off” last night? Wasn’t it good to see it back on TV?

I felt so sorry for Dorret , when her mousse didn’t set.  I wanted to give her a hug.

I LOVE Tamal’s Black Forest Gateau! The chocolate frosting and collar is a win!

I created this illustration to welcome back baking this summer.  It’s the first time I’ve painted food illustration. It was challenging to do, painting the colours of cake to look appetising.

I’d much prefer eating cake to be honest.

Also, It was my husband birthday last month and last year I baked him a 3D skull cake. You can see it here with the recipe included.


My husband and his 3D Skull Birthday Cake

I’ve exhausted my expectations this year, and I couldn’t bake a cake for my husband. Hopefully, the Bake Off will give me ideas this season.

As always, I love reading your comments. Here’s a question for you:

Should I do more food illustration? 

What’s your favourite cake?

Here’s a funny clip  of Mel and Sue (the presenters) fighting over mousse.

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