I’m in Computer Arts Magazine!

Do you remember my secret? My New Years’ Resolution was toLearn to ride. And the whole New Year’s Resolution project done by the StoryHands Gang.

Anyway I’l cut to the chase, the StoryHands gang are published! In Computer Arts Magazine, Issue 211, Page 25. Works of myself, Jenny and Natsuki. Available to buy in local WH Smiths or really good book shops and newsagent.

I was so happy, I squealed so hard in my local WH Smiths and wanted to tell everyone! I showed the magazine to my parents and lets just say, as Asian parents can be, they are very proud and honoured.


Top Row- Natsuki Otani and June SeesBottom: Jenny Robins

Top Row- Natsuki Otani and June Sees
Bottom: Jenny Robins

Thank you also to Rob Mead-Green for writing about us too. I’m glad the promo pack really attracted his attention. So I end this post with his quote:

“It’s always good to get things in the post, but these fun, vibrant postcards really caught my eye when they arrived in the office – the whole point of self-promo items, after all.”

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