Want a Moustache and help save Mankind?

Hello! Long time no see.

I haven’t been hiding away or procrastinating. Since I last posted, I was working on my entry for the Graphic Short Story Prize and now I can official be announced, It is now completed! Sent it and now it’s up to the judges. I will post up the Graphic Novel once the judging process has been completed. So *Fingers Crossed*…

Now! I got great news! Myself and fellow StoryHandler Jenny Robins are taking part in drawing portraits for Gallery of Mo, of course raising money for prostate and testicular cancer in the name of Movember. What do you think of our self portraits?

You can get your portrait done by us. Just click on our self portraits and request a portrait with lovely unique and badass moustache!  All of the monies goes to a great cause and awareness for Men’s health.

Finally, Both me and Jenny will be live portrait drawing THIS Weds for the Official Launch for Movemeber and Sons to celebrate a great cause. It is a invite only launch but will take some lovely photos for you all to see.

You can take part by donating and getting an awesome portrait for yourself (or your pet or friend, etc) to treasure forever! xx

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