“Shoot the Creative Block” i.e. “Targets”

Hello! I’m going to show you the illustrations I have done and exhibited at The Picture Show exhibition!

Shoot the Target by June Sees

My ideas for the illustrations I have exhibited at The Picture Show, is loosely centered around CREATIVE BLOCK. Having know too well about it. I wanted to created work about Combating it.

Close up

Shoot the Target by June Sees

Shoot the Target by June Sees

This particular piece is about:

Shooting the materials I have used to Create this piece of Art.

When I get Creative Block, I get frustrated and especially at my trusty materials. Only because they offer you no comfort nor inspiration when you need it. These materials have helped you create your best piece of work, that everyone loves. But, you cannot always created the Next Best Brand New Art people will definitely love.

Art materials we rely on are just an extension of your talents, they cannot always offer a solution.

June sees palette

I really enjoyed creating this piece, the irony was, I hit some problems and obstacles along the way! This piece was a catharsis for myself and hopefully for others too. It’s an illustration always wanted to try. I would love to make this into a Funfair playground Artists and Creatives can safety vent their frustration, fingers crossed, it might come true! xx

2 thoughts on ““Shoot the Creative Block” i.e. “Targets”

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m glad you like it! I’m planning to make it into a 3D print you can purchase if you are interested?

      Take care, xx


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