Photos from Private View of the The Picture Show

Massive apologies for the delay of the Private View photos of The Picture Show.

I took a bit of unintentional break after finishing the exhibition on 21st July. (Had an accident trying to learn how to ride a bike and fell onto a sharp thorny bush – Ouch!) So after dose of medical attention and disagreeable medication, I’m back to normal!

All photos here (except the instagram one) was shot by talented Mags Potter, she’s was really lovely and such a professional. Big massive thanks to her! You can check out her Photography services here. She’s done a better job than I could have done on my compact Canon IXUS 130 camera. You can check out more of Mags photos of the Private View here

Hope you can tell, the private view was heaving. Was filled with people! Thank you so much to everyone who came. I was really happy to see Ballad of ladies, Rod Hunt, Jenny Robins, Emma Block, Rob Barrett & Yo Illo Crew and so many people and friends there in our exhibition.

I can’t believe all the hard work past 7 months for the exhibition just flew by! All the planning and working into organising an exhibition takes a lot of time and patience. You know what: every minute was worth it.

Can you spot me? Courtesy of Jo’s Instagram

What’s next for us? Funnily enough, when me and Jo Cheung were invigilating, we were planning our next exhibition! xx

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