Diamond Jubilee Street Party!

I got my wish finally, after not attending the street party for Kate and Will’s Wedding day last year.

June and Rob at Street Party

Me and Rob’s Plate Designs

Today Robert and I went to my local Diamond Jubilee Street Party. And It was a good day! Was raining in amidst of it, but it didn’t stop the party spirit.

Naturally I was helping out at the Arts and Crafts table with the kids. There was crown making, windmills, designing your own bunting  and nail bar. The most popular was designing your plates and mug, which I had so much fun doing.

Also there was a dance display by Ingira Cultural Ensemble.

Many thanks to Lynn and so many others who organised the street party.

I hope you guys enjoy the Jubilee Bank holidays, whatever you get up to.

June Sees: Jubilee Plate Design

My final plate design.

Happy Diamond Jubilee, Your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. Hope you enjoyed the celebrations. I wish every health to Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, and get well soon. xx

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