2. The Progress of Ziad

Hello, how are you? As promised, it’s part deux!.

Another illustration for Amelia’s Magazine, this time it’s for interview article with Ziad Ghanem (Matt’s ultimate favourite designer). I jumped at the chance to do the illustrations for this article because, just look at Ziad’s pieces, they are just beautiful and dying to be illustrated.

From the sketch to painting. The Work in Progress.

I drew the portrait of Ziad and I have to admit I was a bit of perfectionist with this piece. After several attempts and eraser markings, I decided to go against my usual “colour explosions” (as some might call it hehe) and experiment with classic black and white with limited colour palette.

See the full article here 

The final result is quite intense, stark background and dynamic. This is one of the portraiture I enjoyed painting. Especially with the limited colour palette, I’ll continue to do just that and possibly more men’s pieces and portraiture.

Many thanks to Ziad who really loved the article and the illustrations and gave a shout out on his Facebook page. Gotta head out again to work so I’ll see you again in Part Three! xxx

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