Happy Easter! Sketchbook Pop Up Store! Susie Bubble!


This week has packed with news and fun filled trips to London. I was chuffed to be invited to the Sketchbook Pop up Store and find my Susie Bubble illustrations are exhibited right up in heart of Carnaby Street.

Definitely come along, a map can be found here.
Its open until 19th April with loads of talks, events and music happenings. So check it out!

I also met talented illustrators, PR officers and many hardworking team of Sketchbook who worked THREE days to make the shop a success.

Jack Teagle, Amazing lad, beautiful comics.

Annie Driscoll, Mesmerizing collages of Text and Image.

Window Display from the minds of Serene Khan and Stephen.

Also there was a talk at the exhibition, a debate between Print vs Online. The panel was made up of blogger Susie Bubble, graphic designer and writer Adrian Shaughnessy, trend director at Style Sight Sandrine Maggiani and Becky Smith, previously of Lula Magazine and now of Twin Magazine.

It was a healthy argument and it was concluded that online blogging and print magazine has to co exist along one another. While both has pros and cons, methinks people love them both. It was very insightful talk, one to think about. 

All of the creative professionals were lovely to speak to and as I have illustrated Miss Lau, it’s only right I gave her my original prints of her. Initially I was nervous but Susie was lovely, very open and warm to speak to. And I’m glad she liked the illustrations. 

I wanted to thank everyone at Sketchbook family, Rachel, Wafa, Luma, Beth, Laurel, Norah, Siobhan, Ekaete and everyone I have missed out.  Made my week, you all should be chuffed. 

Happy Easter xxx

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Sketchbook Pop Up Store! Susie Bubble!

  1. It was lovely to meet you June (put a face to the email and all that). And well done again on the illo of Susie + you got to give her the originals! That way one day she can say she knew you before you were big and famous 😀


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