Me @ Secretts Thailand Festival


Hello there! Ok, a lot has been going on lately and usually it’s one after another, applying for jobs, helping at Mum’s restaurant and etc, etc. I using Twitter often, it’s easier than blogging at times, however follow me!
Last week on the bank holiday weekend I was fortunate enough to share a stall space with a friend at the Annual Amazing Thailand Festival! I was selling my handmade bags, hand printed greetings cards, books, badges and prints of my work. As you can see above XD
It’s was really hot, (apparently last day of summer that 31st Monday). The whole festival was held in a farm in Milford, Surrey, all the food stalls, arts and crafts, massages, fairground, the whole shebang and it was exciting.
Arrived early, to set up the stall in the middle of a field, with my Audrey Hepburn partition, desks and Mum’s restaurant table cloths, worrying profusely, couple of the neighbours sensed I was a first timer. Despite all the hustle, bustle and worry and the intense sunshine, ( thank god for the coconut juice, iced coffees and Thai beer and cocktails) it was all good fun. I met loads of people, school kids, monks furthermore I sold loads and got really good feedback, about the products and the credit crunching prices. Woo hoo!
Oh my friends came to see me too! Jo, Emma, Chris, Sam and Ruth came by and it was so lovely to see them all. That made my day too, so I will do this all again, it was worth it.
PS. Couldn’t resist sitting on these ‘FOOT’ Stools and ‘HAND’ Chairs, XD
More photos of the lovely day here.
P.S.S Thank you to new followers and following my blog!
Take care now!

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